1st February to 31st March 2018

1st Newport Scout Group (The Old Guard) has its full name for a very good reason – it is the oldest surviving scout group in the world! They celebrate their 110th anniversary on 8th February, so this is the perfect time to be helping them raise some money.

They provide weekly fun, challenge, adventure and training for 75 children between the ages of 6 – 14 but they want to encourage even more children to get involved. They are raising money to install all-inclusive access facilities to their headquarters and to install the Island’s first indoor artificial caving system.

We’ve got a great chance to help them achieve this because this challenge, like the previous one, is going to run for double the normal amount of time, from February through to the end of March.

How it Works

Every kilometre ridden along the Cowes to Newport cycle path releases 10p from the sponsorship fund to 1st Newport Scouts (The Old Guard).

If the total target distance of 2,000km is reached by the end of the challenge on 31st March 2018 the amount released is doubled! The cycle path is about 5km long so to reach the target needs around 400 journeys.

  • Each kilometre ridden raises 10p
  • If the 2000km target is met the sponsorship money is DOUBLED

We’re thrilled to have Red Funnel as our sponsor for this challenge. Red Funnel operate the Southampton to Cowes ferries and Red Funnel Holidays. You can take your bike on the vehicle ferry – handy for the Cowes to Newport cycle route.

1st Newport IW Scout Group (The Old Guard)