1st November to 30th November 2017

In 2015, after having volunteered at Newport Night Shelter for many years, Trevor Blaney decided to take action and do something to help the Island’s homeless people who are excluded from society, unable to access support services because of alcohol or drug dependency or mental illness.

He created the Pop Up Soup Kitchen which now feeds hundreds of people and helps provide the necessities of food, warmth and provisions. It is run entirely on donations and the goodwill of Trevor and his team of volunteers. They need money for fuel for food deliveries, and for providing the essentials that will make a real difference to homeless people on the Island.

How it Works

Every kilometre ridden along the Cowes to Newport cycle path releases 10p from the sponsorship fund to help the Pop Up Soup Kitchen.

If the total target distance of 2,000km is reached by the end of the challenge on 30th November the amount released is doubled!

  • Each kilometre ridden raises 10p
  • If the 2000km target is met the sponsorship money is DOUBLED

We’re thrilled to have Red Funnel as our sponsor for this challenge. Red Funnel operate the Southampton to Cowes ferries and Red Funnel Holidays. You can take your bike on the vehicle ferry – handy for the Cowes to Newport cycle route.

Pop Up Soup Kitchen Isle of Wight
Trevor Blaney at the Pop Up Soup Kitchen
Sleeping rough