The Red Funnel Ventnor Skatepark Challenge

1st July to 31st July 2017

For this Bicycle Island Challenge we want your help to raise money for The Ventnor Skatepark Group who are fundraising to get the first purpose built concrete park for the Isle of Wight.

The Ventnor Skatepark Group was set up over 15 years ago by Volunteers in the community who wanted to ensure that there was a free to use, skate park facility in the town. Over these years skate ramps have been built and maintained by Volunteers, with all funding coming from donations.

In 2016 the Ventnor Skatepark Group gained charitable status as it embarked on its new project. In keeping with the rest of the UK, skateparks are now being built in concrete – the advantages being that they are much longer lasting and requiring maintenance. On the island we currently have no such provision.

How it Works

Every kilometre ridden along the Cowes to Newport cycle path releases 10p from the sponsorship fund to the Ventnor Skatepark Group.

If the total target distance of 2,000km is reached by the end of the challenge on 31st July the amount released is doubled!

  • Each kilometre ridden raises 10p
  • If the 2000km target is met the sponsorship money is DOUBLED

We’re thrilled to have Red Funnel as our sponsor for the next few challenges. Red Funnel operate the Southampton to Cowes ferries and Red Funnel Holidays. You can take your bike on the vehicle ferry – handy for the Cowes to Newport cycle route.


The Red Funnel Foodbank Challenge

1st June to 30th June 2017

For the third Bicycle Island Challenge we raised £347 for the IoW foodbank. Thank you so much to everybody who took part.

The IoW foodbank provides food and support to people in crisis on the Isle of Wight. There are seven foodbanks located across the Island all of which are stocked and managed from the main foodbank centre in Cowes. The charity is run entirely on donations, so funds are always tight. Money raised from this challenge will go directly towards helping those in need in the local community. It will be used to put fuel in the van, and insurance for the van and buildings.

Thank you Red Funnel for providing the sponsorship for this challenge, and continuing to support Bicycle Island.

The Red Funnel Alzheimer Café Challenge

1st May to 31st May 2017

For the second Bicycle Island Challenge we raised £334 for the ACE7 Alzheimer Café based at the Riverside Centre in Newport. This is a wonderful charity doing great work under difficult circumstances and we’re delighted to give them this donation.

ACE7 provides a meeting place for people, between the ages of 40-65 years that have Early-Onset Dementia and for their Carers. The aim is to provide café users with helpful information, social opportunities, education and activities. Find out more on the Alzheimer Café website.

Thank you Red Funnel for providing the sponsorship for this challenge, and continuing to support Bicycle Island.

Alzheimer Cafe Isle of Wight
Alzheimer Cafe Isle of Wight

The Cameras For Carers Spring Challenge

1st April to 30th April 2017

For the very first Bicycle Island Challenge we raised £575 for Carers IW to buy cameras. 228 journeys were logged, with a total distance of 1257km. Considering this was the first challenge that’s a great result.

Carers IW is based at the Riverside in Newport and provides information, support and advocacy to adults who look after another adult.

Carers IW are raising money to buy cameras so that they can run a camera group for carers who have difficulty leaving their home and feel isolated because of this. Carers will be able to borrow cameras and participate in ongoing challenges. There will be opportunities to learn, enjoy peer support, and for carers to include their cared-for person in activities.

Thank you to the WightAID Foundation and the Isle of Wight Council for sponsoring the first Bicycle Island challenge.

Carers IW
Carers IW